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  Collective Health Center is an alternative and integrative medicine clinic that provides comprehensive, holistic healthcare from a passionate, medically-trained, licensed naturopathic doctor & acupuncturist. We help to complement your conventional medical care and go above and beyond to serve our patients!

Our mission is to optimize the health of our patients in Northern Virginia. We do this by using a holistic, evidence informed model and a personalized and collaborative approach. Our vision is to change the health of our community one patient at a time, by providing exceptional care and being a partner in patient's health.

Serving patients in the Leesburg, Sterling, Ashburn, Loudoun County, Northern Virginia, and greater Washington, DC, area.

New patients are welcome.

“By integrating both Naturopathic and East Asian medicine I strive for excellence in providing the best care possible to each patient. Acting as a partner on the path to optimal health while honoring the basic principles of natural medicine. I take time to listen to the whole story, answer questions and educate. I strive to uncover the underlying causes of imbalance and offer a safe and effective individualized wellness plan.”  ~Dr. Sarah

What Our Patients Say

We strive for excellence and we value your feedback.

My teenager suffered with chronic GI issues. I took her to specialists and had not found relief. On... read more
TS Sullivan Avatar
TS Sullivan
19 Mar 2023
I am a disabled veteran who was referred to Dr. Sarah Giardenelli through the VA health care system. Dr.... read more
Alfonzo Cunningham Avatar
Alfonzo Cunningham
02 Sep 2022
I have a complicated family history and frustrating concerns I've been trying to manage on my own. Dr Giardenelli made... read more
Janice Chapman Smith Avatar
Janice Chapman Smith
14 Aug 2022
Dr Sarah is caring and knowledgeable. She listens carefully then gets busy helping you reach your health goals. We started... read more
Robin Lee Gallagher Avatar
Robin Lee Gallagher
Sarah is wonderful and caring!
She takes her time to listen to you and will provide individualized treatments and tests.
Amy Johnson Avatar
Amy Johnson
Dr. Sarah has been a real difference in my life. She listens, she is up on the latest research,... read more
Jacquie Thurman Avatar
Jacquie Thurman
5 star ratingI love Dr. Sarah. She was extremely thorough, both prior to the appointment (by asking me to fill out an... read more
Alex F. Avatar
Alex F.
5 star ratingDr. Sarah is great. She is thorough, honest, and, most importantly, listens. I love her holistic perspective and her remedies... read more
Sonya A. Avatar
Sonya A.
5 star ratingI have been a patient of Dr. Giardenelli's since January 2018, and I am so grateful for her medical perspective.... read more
Al M. Avatar
Al M.


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Frequently ask questions

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. You must give notice 24-hours prior to your appointment that you would like to cancel or reschedule. You can reach us through the patient portal or by voicemail or email. Should 24-hours notice not be provided to cancel or reschedule a follow up visit, we charge a $75 insufficient notice fee. Should you need to reschedule your initial appointment and you are unable to provide a 24 hour notice then you will lose your $100 deposit and will need to make a new deposit if you would like to book again in the future.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to network with or take insurance payments for our naturopathic services in Virginia, as the medical model does not yet recognize the importance of holism and prevention; steps are being taken in Virginia and nationally to change this. While we are out of network for our acupuncture services, we can provide itemized receipts for you to self-submit should you have out-of-network coverage for acupuncture. Fortunately, if you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), you may be able to use it for naturopathic and/or acupuncture services. For more information, please reference our transparent fee schedule.

Because we are not an insurance model clinic, we can provide longer, unrushed, and personized visits for our patients. And since we see one patient at a time, rather than rotating through rooms, we are present with our patients throughout the duration of our acupuncture sessions.

Can you be my primary care provider?

Not in Virginia. The scope of practice for Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) varies throughout the country. However, there are several states that do not yet offer Naturopathic Doctors a practice license; such is the case in Virginia. This limits NDs from practicing in a primary care role. Therefore, NDs in Virginia are unable to offer physical exams, diagnostic imaging, or manage pharmaceuticals.

As a result, NDs in Virginia practice in a consulting role, co-managing patients with their primary care providers. This allows the ND to help patients uncover underlying causes of imbalance(s) and offer safe and effective individualized, natural treatments including clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, acupuncture, and lifestyle counseling. If you are looking for a provider to help optimize the conventional care you are receiving and to put the pieces together holistically, our practice is likely a good match.

Why are your acupuncture and naturopathic services separate?

Since some patients are only interested in naturopathic care and others only in acupuncture, acupuncture treatments are kept as a separate service. Additionally, while some patients have insurance coverage for acupuncture in Virginia, there is not yet insurance coverage for naturopathic care. Therefore, at Collective Health Center, we keep naturopathic visits and acupuncture visits separate to appropriately accommodate everyone.

What are your success rates?

Since our approach is individualized, success is necessarily driven by each patient’s outcomes, which can vary based upon many factors. There are a number of research studies that have demonstrated the efficacy of the naturopathic, whole health and whole person approach [see ‘Research Highlights’ on page 22] for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, chronic pain conditions, type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, depression, anxiety, and a myriad of complex chronic conditions.

Conditions we support

Collective Health Center serves those who are frustrated with not getting the time or help they need to feel better and those looking to
address the underlying root cause(s) of their health concerns. Our focus is on health restoration, not just treating symptoms. We take time to listen to the whole story, answer questions and educate. Dr. Sarah, as amedically-trained naturopathic doctor, seamlessly combines time honored
therapies from naturopathic and East Asian Medicine with modern,
conventional approaches.


215 Depot Court
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Located on the 2nd floor of the Building People building

Phone: 571.314.0705

Office Hours:

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Saturday 9 am to 1 pm (twice per month)