Mental health is heart health. Heart ache can literally cause “takstubo cardiomyopathy” or heartbreak syndrome, this presents similarly to a heart attack, and thankfully occurs very rarely, when stress hormones severely spike, such as the loss of a loved one or when otherwise in extreme duress.

One of the beautiful aspects in both naturopathic and Chinese medicine is that it considers and addresses both the physical and mental health factors of disease. Rose flowers are one of my favorite herbs for trauma, they both clear heat and calm the spirit. In Chinese medicine, our spirit or shen, is thought to reside in the heart and the heart is thought to control all the other organ systems. So any extreme emotional disharmony can cause imbalance in all of the other organ systems. 

 Asking for help to improve your mental health

The most devastating time in my life was loosing my mother-in-law, Barbara, to a drunk driver. However, I am grateful for what this terrible time in my life taught me. It was a few years of coming back into myself and working on my mental health. It took asking for help. Accepting that help. Prayer. Moving on from regrets. Self-care. And of course an awesome naturopathic doctor.

This is the personalized care naturopathic and Chinese medicine offers. It goes beyond functional medicine into truly dynamic, bioenergetic care. Sure, I can help to lower those elevated cholesterol, hs-CRP, homocysteine using lifestyle, nutrients and herbals. However, my passion is getting to the heart of the matter. 

Custom treatments for physical and mental health

Working with my patients at a personal and relational level. Through this work we get a truly personalized approach and this enables me to do things like customize herbal formulas for my patients based non only on their totality of their symptoms, but their constitutional picture, including their mental health. Even if I use a single herb, I am always thinking about how that herb will support the patient at these deeper levels.

The heart might stay scarred, but for this mine is stronger, and I am blessed to use this learning to help others.

Dr. Sarah Giardenelli specializes in integrating both Naturopathic and Chinese medicine to provide the best possible care for each patient. If you are interested in learning more please fill out the form below. Dr. Giardenelli's office is located in Leesburg, VA in the Leesburg Junction building.  

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