Are You Missing Mold Illness In Your Patients?

Mold Training Course For Medical Practitioners with Dr. Jill Crista. 

*Patients with mold exposure, find more info on Dr. Sarah's approach HERE


Is mold on your radar?
Do you know the symptoms?
Do you know which tests to run and why?

Become Mold-Literate
Learn to identify, test and treat mold-related illness with this Mold Training Course.

What You Get
-10 hours of professional continuing medical education (10 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™)
-Supported by over 250 peer-reviewed published references
-Licensed primary care practitioners earn Mold-Literate Certification
-PDF of all slides
-Signed copy of Dr. Crista’s book, Break The Mold (US & Canada)
-Clinical questionnaire
-Patient handouts
-Dr. Crista’s personal clinical resource list
-Bonus hour on building testing and remediation
-Instant referrals


I am so grateful to Dr. Jill for this Mold Training Course. Dr. Jill has a gift for breaking down complex material and making it easy to understand and use clinically. For example, who knew that mold toxins can interfere with the digestion of garlic? Dr. Jill knows and can tell you exactly the reasons why and provide concrete ideas on how to address this. As an herbalist myself, I appreciate the level of detail she provides on each herb, particularly the oh so important bitter herbs that are essential for detoxifying mold toxins. Her clinical resources have absolutely proven to be a wonderful clinical resource as well - from her favorite air purifiers for mold to her nasal sprays. As a medically-trained naturopathic doctor I am thankful to have been trained in environmental medicine. However, many healthcare providers do not receive this training. This is a wonderful course for both those new to environmental medicine and those who are looking to keep up to date on the latest research in the field. Overall, her courses have helped me help many mold exposed patients and for that I am so grateful!

~Dr. Sarah

Mold Training Course