Collective Health Center serves those who are frustrated with not getting the time or help they need to feel better and those looking to address the underlying root cause(s) of their health concerns. Our focus is on health restoration, not just treating symptoms. We take time to listen to the whole story, answer questions and educate. Dr. Sarah, as a medically-trained naturopathic doctor, seamlessly combines time honored therapies from naturopathic and East Asian Medicine with modern, conventional approaches. We offer the following services:


Naturopathic Medicine Fee Schedule

  • Naturopathic Initial Consultation, Adult  (90 minutes) – $303
  • Naturopathic Initial Consultation, Child (60 minutes) – $220
  • Naturopathic Follow-up visit (60 minutes) – $165
  • Naturopathic Follow-up visit (30 minutes) – $99
  • Naturopathic Follow-up visit (15 minutes) - $50

Naturopathic visits are not insurance covered in Virginia. These visits are self-pay. You may use your HSA or FSA.

Acupuncture Fee Schedule 

Acupuncture Initial Visits - $143 to $220 (60 minutes) - Visits range between $143 to $220 depending on the complexity of care, level of service and time spent.

Acupuncture Follow-up Visits - typically $90 (60 minutes) - if the same concerns are addressed and no other treatment outside of acupuncture is provided. However, if a new concern is addressed, additional modalities are provided (ie therapeutic exercises, cupping, or Chinese massage), than there may be some additional fees. Detailed fee schedule available upon request. 

At this time our acupuncture visits are self-pay. If you have out of network coverage, we are happy to provide an itemized receipt that you may use to submit to your insurance provider. You may use your HSA or FSA.

Unsure if you have out of network coverage for acupuncture? Just call your insurance company and ask if you do and if there are any exclusions - meaning will they cover for the particular diagnosis you are seeking acupuncture treatment for or do they only cover for particular diagnoses?


Want to work with our practice, but unable to afford services outside of your medical insurance coverage? Think again. Dr. Sarah is a participating provider in eFundYourHealth.

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